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Migration & reorganization

The library has undertaken two major projects - migration to a new library management computer system, and reorganizing our collection to make it easier and more accessible for our patrons.





We're officially live on the new computer system as of April 30!




What do you mean by "new computer system" - are you getting new computers?


No, not exactly. Our new computer system is a new circulation and cataloging system, and our behind-the-scenes interface is called Sierra. We will be part of MILS (Maine InfoNet Library System), which is a shared library system specifically for Maine's small libraries, and our online catalog will also be called MILS.


What do we do now that you're on the new system?


The first thing to do is to come into the library with your library card (if you have lost your library card, let us know) to get a new card number. Then you will be able to access your patron account online so that you can see what items you have checked out, request renewals, request interlibrary loans, update your email address and even add your cell phone number so you can get text reminders when your items are due or your holds are in!


Ok, how do I do access my patron account online so I can do all of that?


We'll have instructions up on the website soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to ask any of the librarians and we will happily show you, or you can explore on your own at mils.maine.edu. If you have used a MINERVA or URSUS library in Maine before, it will look very familiar!


I don't have a computer at home and have no need to access my account online. Do I still need to get a new card number?


Yes, sorry. The new system requires a longer barcode number than our cards currently have.


Wait, what about my checkout history? I sometimes ask the librarians if I've checked out a book before, because I can't always remember if I've already read it.


Don't worry, you're not alone - most people can't remember unless they have a system or an app like Goodreads to keep track. Unfortunately, we weren't able to import everyone's checkout histories into the new system. If you come in to the library BEFORE MAY 31, we can still access our old system and print your checkout history for you. Please note that for patron privacy reasons, we are only able to give the history to the person whose name is on the account.


Will the new system track my reading history?


Yes, on your patron account on MILS online unless you specifically opt out. If you do decide to opt out, please note that your reading history up until that point will be completely deleted and cannot be retrieved. The librarians no longer have access to checkout histories on the staff side of the system.


I heard TPL is going to start sending books out to other libraries through interlibrary loan as well as receiving them. Does that mean I'll have to wait longer to get new releases?


Yes, patrons at other libraries will soon be able to borrow our books just like we've been able to borrow theirs. However, our patrons get first priority for our books, and you'll have easier access to other libraries' materials, so we actually expect hold lists to move along more quickly than they do now. That said, if you know there's an exciting new release coming out, make sure to get your name on the hold list! We'll have instructions on how to do that soon.


I have more questions.


That's ok! We're here to try to answer them. Email Caroline at caroline.wardnesbit@thomaston.lib.me.us or stop in to the library and any of our librarians would be happy to help.





If you've been in to the library recently, you'll have noticed things are on the move! Apologies for the chaos, but we have been hard at work to make the collection much more accessible and easier to browse than it has been. Thanks to the incredible efforts of Toby and Missy (lots of heavy lifting!), we are thrilled to announce that essentially all of the books are in their new homes!


  • Adult Fiction, including new fiction, is all across the hall in what was formely the Children's Room and is now the Reading Room (and our quiet space)
  • Mystery is all in the main room - new mystery books are in the free standing shelf to the right of the circulation desk (where new fiction used to be)
  • New DVDs are in the shelf directly in front of the circulation desk
  • Graphic novels and our teen collection (graphic novels, fiction, non-fiction, and audiobooks with a "Y" call number) are directly behind the bank of computers to the left of the circulation desk
  • Picture books, early readers, independent readers, and middle grade ("J" call numbers) are all downstairs in our new children's area (which used to be home to the second halves of our fiction and mystery collections)
  • Reference books are on the second floor in our new conference room.


Large print and audiobooks have remained in their spots in the main room. Non-fiction and biographies also have not moved from their original locations on the lower level.